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 From The Media

a class action against Apple in Israel, under the claim that Apple intentionally makes its phones work slowly, was filed by Shaul Zioni and Reut Zaitelbach 25.12.17

A motion for discovery and examination of documents before filing an application for approval of a derivative claim against officers and other entities in Shikun & Binui was filed with the District Court in connection with a suspected bribery case by the Company. The application was submitted by Shaul Zioni and Reut Zaitlebach from our office 25.2.18 

Shaul Zioni talks in the financial show of "Galatz" on the Bits of Gold ltd. vs. Leumi Bank case 6.3.18

Cryptocurrency Conference - Law and Regulation 26.4.18

Ohad pillip talks in the Israeli show "Sogrim Heshbon" 19.6.18


Shaul Zioni talks about the bank's confidentiality right and how it works against the public interest 13.8.18

An interesting article about a lawsuit filed by Shaul Zioni, Eli pillersdorf and Reut Zaitelbach from our firm on behalf of a Swiss insurance company vs. Israel Discount Bank 2.12.18

The Israeli Supreme Court issued a temporary injunction prohibiting Bank Leumi from halting the activity of Bits of Gold, which is connected to trading in Bitcoin 26.2.18

Shaul Zioni in an article from "The Marker" - 14.3.18

A great article by Ohad Phillip regarding the silence of Israel Bank in the field of Crypto 25.6.18


The Supreme Court has ruled against a decision ruled by the District Court to support a tender for public digital shelters, when the company winning did not meet the threshold conditions. The appeal was filed by Adv. Shaul Zioni, Eli Filersdorf and Reut Zeitlebach 16.12.18


Shaul Zioni talks about the fact that nothing has been done to reduce the banks' outrageous prices on commissions paid by the their customers 24.12.19